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  • Can I order a particular design in different colours?
    Many of the peices are hand-made in small batches and some variance in design and colourway will occur - in fact I usually do try to avoid making things identical in subsequent batches. If you would like a particular design in a particular colourway (especially for the thimbles), please contact us to let us know which of the pictures you are interested in and we will see if we have one that matches.
  • Will you substitute an alternate design when an item is out of stock?
    Keep in mind that generally, every piece is hand-made and unique. I try to keep the website updated with new images as stock changes or a particular design sells out but this is not always possible! Rest assured that substitutions will never occur without us contacting the purchaser and disucssing options which may be: - a selection of similar items I have not yet added to the website - the option to wait for me to schedule making an identical piece - a preview of any similar items I may be working on
  • Are the products washable and if so how?
    In general, hand-made Bojagi pices are not designed to be washable. Many of the fabrics used (particularly the Ramie) is natural-dyed fiber and washing it may change the colour. It is possible that some silk pieces may be dry-cleaned but you should talk to your dry-cleaner who may well advise you not to risk this. To emphasis - none of the pieces have been tested or come with any kind of guarantee.
  • If you are sold out of a design how long will it take to re-stock?
    This is difficult to predict! Please contact us in this case and we can discuss.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes! I am very happy working to commission and I have done so frequently. Please see the commissions section of the main artist's pages for more information.
  • Do the ring and brooch kits contain exactly the colours shown?
    No - the kits contain a selection of pieices which should provide a reasonable colour match for the design shown, but the intention is that you cut and place the colours yourself. I also donot inlcude a detailed pattern showing the individual pieces - the technique used is very free-form so it's your chance to be creative!
  • Do the ring and brooch kits contain pre-cut pieces?
    No - the kits are supplied with a pack of small silk squares from which you cut the fragments as you build up your Bojagi design. There would really be no way to pre-cut the pieces required accurately and this is not how Bojagi is generally worked!
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